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Shuma is a complete sweetheart. He is by far the best looking baby I've seen.


The clapping will come in handy for "itadakimasu!". Manners are important, afterall.


He is so cute. Love the curl.


Nice to meet you. I happened to come to your blog. I'm really happy because you love Japan, and you are intereseted in Japanese cooking. And what a cute boy he is!

Metal Wall Art

Oh, dear, he is really cute. And the black-and-white stripes overall pajamas is also cute, good to be worn by toddlers, as he will have comfortable mood to play.

Grow Lean 15 Max

For instance, I know the Vietnam Service medal is green yellow and red, but why did they decided on the thick and thin stripes.


Okay, I'm going to say this. Shuma is like his parents, calm and intelligent. I get nervous looking at photos of children on most foreign mother-Japanese father blogs that post their children's pictures, but when I see Shuma I relax. Even I would babysit him, he's a little Buddha.

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